HARD ROCK - from Oakland, CA


Walrus emerged in the spring of 1993 when members of two popular Berkeley bands united to work through their issues at maximum volume. Guitarist Christian Riley and drummer Joaquin Spengemann brought the anarchic precision of the Bluchunks, and Bassist/Singer Andy Liotta contributed the distorted melodicism of the Smokin' Rhythm Prawns. The result was a unique admixture of testosterone and brains, violence and beauty, aptly described by a drunken fan as "Helmet meets the Beatles."

Over the course of their four-year lifespan, Walrus delivered sonic beatings regularly in and around the Bay Area, notching a few hundred high-powered performances that balanced relentless chaotic energy with formidable technical chops, and topped off with Liotta's soulful bellowing. Their focus and intensity was captured on a quartet of recordings showcasing a heavy yet intricate sound that anticipated the Nu Metal movement. From 1993 to 1995, Walrus attacked the studio three times, resulting in three hard-to-find EP's: Odobenus (1993), Gas & Gristle (1994) and Legless (1995). They released their only full length CD, Fissure, in 1997, only months before Riley was brought down by crippling tendonitis in both forearms.

Though dormant for more than a decade, Walrus' music has lost none of its freshness. With the release of re-mixed and re-mastered versions of the EPs on Lazy Bones, talk of a reunion has begun. Be on the lookout for possible sightings at a rock club near you.

Andy Liotta: Bass and Vocals
Christian Riley: Guitar
Joaquin Spengemann: Drums


"A top notch recording is the icing on a big, beautiful rock and roll cake." - Alternative Press

"Walrus hammers out riff after white-hot riff into wickedly sculptured masses." - BAM Magazine

"Hearty and clear without exception." - CMJ

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