ELECTRONICA/ROCK - from Los Angeles, CA


Submerged is the product of the musically scatterbrained mind of Chris Albers.

While taking a holiday break from his current Los Angeles based band, No Second Thought, Chris created Submerged. Written mostly while traveling, the songs were developed with a laptop, keyboard and hollow body guitar. The half organic/half electronica tracks came quickly, usually one per night, fueled by the concentrated inspiration of new places.

Upon arriving back in LA, the songs took on a darker form. Tracks like "Death Lessons", "I Know Karate", and "Last Hurrah" speak to the grinding rhythms of a metropolis, while "Sedona" evokes the stark beauty of the wide open west and "Sunshine Teeth", a muggy pacific rainforest. The album encompasses 12 different moods, over 12 unique tracks in 30 short minutes.

Submerged tracks have been licensed by American Crew, ABC and MTV's The Real World, Road Rules Challenge and Quiero mi Boda.

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