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A collaborative beat down of original progressive rock instrumentals by three legendary musicians. The album, one year in the making, was recorded in Seattle, WA, Woodstock, NY and New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is produced by Scott Schorr and Tony Levin.

Tony Levin: Bass and Chapman Stick
David Torn: Guitar and Textural Events
Alan White: Drums and Percussion


"Named "#1 Album of 2011" by Something Else Reviews / Named "Top 10 Album of 2011" by JeffreyMorgan.info

"...an animated, raucous affair firmly situated in the progressive-fusion universe." - Anil Prasad, Innerviews.org

"The hardest thing in the physical world to do is control chaos and these three virtuosos not only controlled it, they whipped it into submission and then bitch slapped it and pushed it to the limits of imagination." - Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

"...this is music that cannot be explained, it simply must be heard and/or experienced and even after a healthy listen you may be asking yourself, "What just happened?" And that my friends is exactly the proper reaction when you sit down and listen to a finely crafted and produced progressive rock record with three of the best in the business." - Greg Roth, Seattle Examiner

"Three brilliant avant-garde musicians band together on this astounding CD." - Ray Shasho, St. Petersburg Examiner

"This is a glorious celebration of music and one of my favorite recordings of 2011!" - Michael Anderson, Gear Diary

"The album was so good I was disappointed that it ended." - John Philpin, Just Good Music

"Levin Torn White is one of the most impressive releases of 2011..." - Aaron Weiss, Prog Snobs

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