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Producer Scott Schorr meets Tony Levin backstage at a Porcupine Tree concert in Los Angeles, 2007.  Scott says to Tony:  "You're the best bass player EVER!  Do you wanna make a record together?!"
Tony and Scott produce the classic, Tony solo recording, Stick Man.  It features Pat Mastelotto on the drums.  This project leads to the eventual formation of the trio, Stick Men.  Tony and Scott like working together despite Tony's virtuoso formal musical training and Scott's street knowledge of anything rock.  They put together the album, Levin Torn White, released in 2011.  It features Tony on Bass & Stick, David Torn on Guitar and Alan White of YES on the drums.  The record does VERY nicely.  "Hey, let's try to do another trio record," Scott exclaims.  Marco Minnemann's name comes up.  "You know Marco also plays guitar?" says Tony.  "Let's get him!"  Marco says…"okay." Tony:  "Well, the only other person I know that could play this kind of stuff is Jordan Rudess."  Jordan signs on after his wonderful experience of working with Tony in Liquid Tension Experiment.  Levin Minnemann Rudess is released in 2013.   It's extremely well received and wins numerous awards for "Best Record of 2013."  The guys are excited and want to do a 2nd record.  200 years later, following conflicting touring and recording schedules by Tony, Marco & Jordan, the three amigos begin work on the follow up record.  
After one year in the making, the 2nd record is complete:  "From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess."   The title of the work is garnered from a music journalist who opined that the name of the band sounded like "a law firm."  "Sounds like a fun concept," the three exclaimed. " Let's do it."  

So they did.   And here we are.  The End.

Tony Levin: Basses, Chapman Stick and Cello
Marco Minnemann: Drums and Guitar
Jordan Rudess: Keyboards-Continuum-Wizardly Noises and Seaboard

Press (fom the Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess)

"…instrumental prog of the first order…" - Grant Moon, Prog/Team Rock

"This album represents a prog rock pinnacle, delivered with all the skill, unpredictability and humor fans of the genre demand and expect." - Leon Waters, The Musical Melting Pot

"It's damn impossible to get bored when there's this much variety that somehow marries so wonderfully." Rating:  9/10. - Aaron Lipscomb, BTM Review  

 "A fantastic addition to any progressive or jazz fan's collection."  Rating:  9/10. - Sandra Yeomans, Metal Wani, India

"Without a doubt, this album is a fantastic addition to any progressive collection." - Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji, Poland

"…a masterful work." - Szabolcs Karpati, Hard Rock Magazine, Hungary  

"Their music feels effortless, uncontrived; there's a natural meshing that feels extraordinarily relaxed and natural." - Dave Cooper, Echoes and Dust

"It's an open and shut case of instrumental wizardry and indulgence (not overindulgence.)" - S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

Press (for debut album)

"One of the most intriguing and listenable albums of the year…There are melodies embedded within that are so solid and memorable that they begin to feel like hit records you've just never heard." - Chris Epting, Vintage Rock

"Rating: A+. Levin Minnemann and Rudess have released an album that drips pure talent and unleashed pure music into our often drab universe." - Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

"…Furiously inventive tracks…There are a number of intriguing, wholly astonishing textures here…" - Nick DeRiso - Something Else Reviews

"I have been listening to it about ten times now.  In a word, Wow...Rating:  5/5." - Phil Simon, Huffington Post

"Insane melodies played just fast enough to comprehend combine with extreme examples of proficient instrumentation..." - Ellen Eldridge, Performer Mag. 

"Levin Minnemann Rudess fascinates track after track, and one could listen to the album hundreds of times and still pick up something new each time around." - Russell Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine

"If you've ever played the game of imagining what your favorite musicians would sound like in various combinations, you'll love this - not only for the curiosity factor, but because the musical end result is every bit terrific as you would expect." - Mike Flavin, USA Prog Music

"Levin Minnemann Rudess is just what you'd expect - mind blowing." - Peter Lawrence, Infectious Magazine

"…A powerhouse onslaught of uncompromising instrumental joy." - Michael Anderson, Gear Diary

"LMR - it just blew me away…" - John Philpin, Just Good Music

"…A superb example of how engaging and accessible instrumental music can be, even when the artists can play rings around most musicians." - Howard Whitman, Technology Tell

"An intense, exhilarating ride through the musical imaginations of three prog virtuosos, a master course in composition, arrangement and performance…" - Jason Warburg, Daily Vault

"These Wizards of Odd have outdone themselves…pulling off mind-blowing feats without calling in the cavalry." - Pete Roche, Cleveland Music Examiner

"…This is a must have album. 10 out of 10." - Keith (Keefy) Chachkes, Ghost Cult Magazine

"This is a tsunami of music that bowls you over…like unpacking a steamer trunk overflowing with oddly shaped machine parts, antique jewelry, and indecipherable electronic gadgets." - John Chawner, Horsebits Blogspot

"…This album is no throwback to the glory days of prog, this is new music played in new ways...I highly recommend it." -Ryan Long, Stationary Waves

Levin Minnemann Rudess Albums

LMR FinalFrom The Law Offices Of - Standard CD

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Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Offices Of - Deluxe CD + Bonus DVD

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Levin Minnemann RudessLevin Minnemann Rudess - Standard CD

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Levin Minnemann RudessLevin Minnemann Rudess - Deluxe CD + Bonus DVD

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