I Want My Mommy

ELECTRONICA / ROCK - from Seattle, WA & Los Angeles, CA


VIA SKRUNK has an incredible story. He hails from the former Yugoslavia where his Dad was a factory worker making buttons for the Yugoslav army. His Mom was a part-time seamstress for one of the army's bands, part-time dancer and part-time homemaker. Basically, they did what was necessary to help keep food on the table, although Via and his nine surviving brothers and sisters did go hungry a lot of the time. Via attributes that fact to his insatiable drive for musical success. "Back then all I had were spoons and plates, now I have Zildjian cymbals, a fine, used drum kit and six different drum machines, man. I love this fucking country."

He left home at the age of twelve, illegally emigrating to Germany with the help of papers forged by his Uncle (who ended up serving almost two years for the crime). Via lived in Hamburg, Vienna, Florence, Toulon and London barely supporting himself as a street performer before winding up in Seattle during the end of the Grunge movement. Strongly influenced by his love of polka, avant rock and his native Yugoslavia's folk music, Via strives to create music that combines "the warmth of my home, the power of my new adopted country, the boredom of my parent's life and joy of me not having to do that shit." Many people speculate on where the name Via Skrunk came from. Some say that he came to Seattle via Skrunk, Skrunk being the name of his hometown (although to date, no Skrunk has been located in his former home country). To this day, Via maintains it's his real name. "You think I'd make this stupid name up?" states Via.

THINN MAN is pissed that to this day when people ask him where he was born, and he says Atlanta, he has to explain that he was born in the Atlanta, Texas and not the one in Georgia. "Yep, it's a crappy little town of six thousand in Northeast, Texas, 160 miles north of Houston and there's shitty little to do there, 'cept drinkin'...fuckin' Cass Country. I didn't play sports and I didn't wanna end up workin' for McDonalds or somethin'." Thinn's journey progressed along the old Texas and Pacific Railroad line and he ended up in Atlanta, this time the one in Georgia. He did a semester at the Atlanta College of Art studying sculpture before dropping out to focus on his band, Straw Freakin' Dawgs, full-time. "We were playin' pretty much every night in those days. That's when I got the name Thinn Man, 'cause I'm kinda tall and bony. I really hated those fuckin' guys. I got in a little trouble and I wasn't sure what to do next, but I knew that whatever it was, I had to do it fast. I also knew it had somethin' to do with gettin' as far away from Georgia as possible." After a prolonged blackout, Thinn, a self-described misanthrope ("people and me just don't get along"), found himself in Seattle crashing at Via Skrunk's place. And that was just the beginning. Thinn says of Via, "It's weird to think that someone from around the world could be that twisted."

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CJSR - Edmonton, BC - "Great album!!"
KLSU - New Orleans, LA - "Really feeling this one."
KRCB - Rohnert Park, CA - "Great response and vibe here."
KRFC - Ft. Collins, CO - "Great caller response and feedback."
KSVR - Mt. Vernon, WA - "HUGE!! #1 on our charts."
KURE - Iowa City, IA - "This was surprisingly good."
WRAS - Atlanta, GA - "I LOOOOOOVED this! I thought it was AMAZING!"
WRBB - Boston, MA - "Doing very well!"