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David Hadland is Headland. Born in Staten Island, NY, Hadland made his early living from selling his brother's Playboy mags. to kids in the neighborhood. Music quickly followed his youthful entrepreneurial experience. Hadland began drumming at age 8 and sat in with his older brother's band playing Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive" and the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women." Hadland's early musical influences remain with him today - 70's classic rock. At age 13, he picked up the guitar. Shortly thereafter, David experienced his first stint as front man with his band, Tammany Hall. In junior college, Hadland learned the piano and concentrated on songwriting and gigging in NYC at venues such as CBGB's, Sine' and the Supper Club.

Relocating to the Pacific Northwest, David's lawyer introduced him to Lazy Bones Recordings. The result: Hadland's debut CD, "Headland", on which David played every instrument on the record (except for the drums). Recorded in 7 days, mixed in 2 days and released exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, the disc became the #1 selling record in Portland, Oregon for 7 months. Hadland stayed in the Northwest to record his follow-up LP, "2." The album was mixed by Brett Eliason (Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Soundgarden). Around this time, Headland's music was discovered by the film, tv and advertising world. Some of his placements include: MTV, FOX, Microsoft, Lexus, Warner Bros., CBS, Paramount Pictures, Miller Lite, NHL, Revlon, U.S. Navy and Disney. Hadland followed up "2" with his third full length release, "Perfect Human" (mixed by John Goodmanson - Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, Pavement).

After doing the "industry thing", David relocated to Lexington, Kentucky and self-produced the beautiful EP, "Headland 4." Still in Lexington, David loves horse racing and hemp.


"Tuneful, inspired and instantly enjoyable."
— Willamette Week

"Reasons behind the buzz are obvious once one pops in the CD."
- Campus Circle

"Headland is just about the hottest group going right now."
- Our Town

"This is a remarkable demonstration of his abilities."
- Two Louies

"Headland's story, it seems, is just beginning."
- The Rocket

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Headland 4 Album4

Headland AlbumHeadland

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2 Cover2

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Perfect CoverPerfect Human

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