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Singer/Songwriter Ben Broussard is a former Major League Baseball player w. the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.  He came to the attention of Lazy Bones' Scott Schorr through a CD Schorr produced for MLB entitled, "Oh Say Can You Sing"? After working together on the project, Ben asked Scott if he could send some of his "original" songs for Scott's review.  "I was pretty reluctant", Schorr says.  "I had that biased mind set that there's no way a professional athlete could also be a good songwriter. How wrong I was."   

Ben's demo consisted of 12 original songs that were stripped down to just voice and acoustic guitar.  "I knew after one listen this guy was something very special.  I immediately forgot that he played baseball, locked into his music and asked if he wanted to do an album together."  Ben's debut album, "Ben Broussard" was released in 2005.  

Since Ben couldn't tour due to his other "day job," his music was introduced to the film, tv and advertising world.  "I initially didn't tell any one he was a pro athlete.  I wanted them to listen to the record with an unbiased ear."  The result:  Ben's music was licensed by FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, Disney, Sony, Lifetime, USA, A&E, and products such as Ford, Macy's, Microsoft, NHL, Toyota & Elizabeth Arden.  

Ben's second album, "Renovated" was released in 2009.  Ben had gained the respect of top musicians to help create this new project.  Teaming up again with Lazy Bones and Schorr, the musician's featured on "Renovated" were:   Tony Levin on bass, Pat Mastelotto on drums and David Grissom on guitar.  Ben retired from baseball in 2010 and now surfs a lot and hangs out in Costa Rica.  He's also still writing great songs.

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