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Mention "acoustic music" to someone and you're not likely to hear the words "energetic" and "loud" used in the same breath to describe it. Unless, however, you happen to be talking about Portland rocker, Alan Charing. In his debut album, "Seconds West," Charing separates himself from the soft spoken singer/songwriter setup with his distinctively aggressive style of guitar playing. Originally from Boston, Charing moved to Portland, Oregon and has been playing live throughout the U.S. both as a solo acoustic performer and with his band, A.C. Cotton. Charing's percussive strumming and lyrical strength have garnered him comparisons to Bob Dylan, R.E.M. and a young Tom Petty. "Stitch", Alan's highly anticipated follow up to "Second West" was released by Lazy Bones in 2009.

Charing's career highlights include a requested performance at the Sundance Film Festival. His songs have also been licensed by MTV's The Real World, Road Rules, My Super Sweet 16 plus Paramount Pictures, Smallville, Warner Bros., Scrubs, Dog the Bounty Hunter, NHL, NBC, FOX Racing, Fusion TV, Saturn and Pennzoil.


"Remember this name: Alan Charing. We predict it'll be a household name in the not-so-distant future." - Virtually Alternative

"This is the REAL SHIT...everything's here: earnest vocals, clever lyrics and revved up guitar...a solid release from a local boy." - The Rocket

"A blaze of Southern-kissed guitar glory..." - Willamette Week

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