About Us

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Scott Schorr, Music Producer / Barista

Lazy Bones Recordings is an indie label and music publishing company founded by Scott Schorr. Its focus has always been on the music, not the hype or latest trend.  

We work with the finest indie bands and singer/songwriters and foster a creative environment to produce first rate recordings.  With few exceptions, we work with our artists from the inception of the recording through completion of the Master.  Our goal:  to work with the potential "catalog" artists - one that creates numerous, meaningful recordings that will stand the test of time.  Once done, Lazy Bones licenses the artists' songs to the film, television and advertising world.

Scott Schorr - Lazy Bones Discography

 Artist   Album   Credit    Mixer 
Ben Broussard  Ben Broussard Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Ben Broussard  Renovated  Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Alan Charing Seconds West Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Headland Headland Producer, Engineer Dave Friedlander
Headland Producer, Engineer Bret Eliason
Headland Perfect Human Producer, Engineer John Goodmanson
I Want My Mommy  I Want My Mommy  Producer, Arranger, Engineer Tony Lash
I Want My Mommy  Colic  Producer, Arranger, Engineer Tony Lash
Jordan Barnes Jordan Barnes Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Levin Brothers Levin Brothers Producer Scott Petito
Tony Levin Stick Man Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Levin Minnemann Rudess Levin Minnemann Rudess Producer Tony Lash
Levin Minnemann Rudess From The Law Offices Of Producer Tony Lash
Levin Torn White  Levin Torn White  Producer, Arranger, Engineer Tony Lash 
Andy Liotta Monday Songs Producer Andy Liotta
Living In Question  Living In Question Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Living In Question  Green Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Living In Question Recipes & Remedies Producer Tchad Blake & Chris Albers
Mackabella Mackabella Producer, Arranger, Engineer Tony Lash
Marco Minnemann Eeps Producer Marco Minnemann & Tony Lash
Marco Minnemann Celebration Producer Marco Minnemann & Tony Lash
Neros Rome Togetherly Co-Producer Tony Lash
Patsy Butterfield  Patsy Butterfield - EP  Producer, Engineer Tony Lash
Turntable Bay  No Samples Producer, Engineer Tony Lash & Rick Senechal
Turntable Bay  Uncle Dick Producer, Engineer Jonathan Plum
Michele Van Kleef   After All   Producer, Engineer  Tchad Blake
World Class Sleepers  World Class Sleepers   Producer, Engineer, Arranger Tony Lash
World Class Sleepers  Hug Your Pet Producer, Engineer, Arranger Tony Lash